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Meet the teams

Solar Technology

The Solar Technology Team constitutes NiFEGs solar technology and deployment experts who provide unbiased technical guidance and installation services. The contents of our consultation services include information on technical trends; best practice; market trends; suitable policies and; issues for state and local government decision makers. In general, our experts provide services to support the public, legislators, and regulators in developing a thriving environment for solar technologies. Team members


The biotech team focuses on addressing energy challenges via the conversion of plant-derived waste materials to value-added products. The team constitutes of learned individuals who are currently working on providing a platform to optimize urban waste collection, treatment and recycling processes. Our products and services are designed to aid governmental and private bodies exploit their energy resource otherwise known as waste. Team members


Our executives are responsibility for the daily administration of the organization’s bureaucracy. Executive members

Our Values

  • Teamwork: Cooperation is our way; we initiate and nurture relationships to achieve our goal.
  • Service: We execute our tasks in the best possible manner solely for the benefit of the populace
  • Professionalism: Our work is guided by highest standards and ethics

  • Innovation: We envision commercializing novel energy content; bridging technical and financial sustainability.
  • Collaboration: We believe big solutions results from the synergy of efforts and ideas between people

  • Dedication: We realize the importance of solving these specific challenges hence we approach every project with all resources at our disposal.
  • Learned Associates: We pride ourselves in a team of diversified professionals sharing a passion to solve energy challenges in the most sustainable ways.