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Adewale Olalekan Giwa

Adewale has contributed to the development of a facile methodology that enabled the production of ultralight and highly porous inorganic nanowire hydrogels/aerogels at a low cost. Superior properties such as low density, high porosity, high surface area, and mechanical robustness allowed these hydrogels/aerogels to be used in environmental applications (cost-effective and energy-efficient wastewater treatment). These nanomaterials are currently being investigated in a collaborative program between Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST). He has reviewed cutting-edge scientific research articles for Nature Scientific Reports (IF: 5.23), Chemical Engineering Journal (IF: 4.32), Journal of Hazardous Materials (4.53), Journal of Cleaner Production (IF: 4.96), Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition (IF: 5.5), Water Science and Technology (IF: 1.06), and Journal of Water Process Engineering. He has co-authored many innovative articles, including those published by Nature, Elsevier, Springer and Taylor & Francis. He is also proficient in the use of many software and Apps for sustainable engineering solutions. He has contributed to the development of social service groups in order to provide voluntary, philanthropic and humanitarian services to communities across Nigeria

Jubilee Adeoye

Jubilee has a background in porous media flow, water treatment technology, and transport of environmental contaminants. He is currently working as a research assistant in the BioEnergy and Environmental laboratory at Masdar Institute on a project geared towards generating aviation biofuel form salt tolerant plants. Jubilee holds an MSc. in Water and Environmental Engineering from Masdar Institute of Sci. and Tech. Abu Dhabi. He has previously served as the secretary of NiFEG.

Idowu Adeyemi

Idowu is currently working on the conversion of municipal solid wastes into energy in an environmentally friendly manner through gasification. This technique has been perceived as the solution to the trio problem of energy insecurity, waste management and environmental degradation. He intends to implement these ideas for the betterment of Nigeria's energy sector in the near future. Prior to joining Masdar, he was a trainee engineer at Egbin Thermal Plant (Ikorodu) in 2009 where he was well equipped with the state-of-the-art of Nigeria's electricity generation systems- both technical and economic aspects. Idowu is a self-motivated, diligent and enthusiastic Mechanical Engineering M.Sc. graduate from Masdar Institute of Sci. and Tech. Abu Dhabi.

Ahmed Sodiq

Ahmed is currently a PhD candidate in Sustainable Energy at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (a member of Qatar Foundation). He strongly believes in the application of principle of sustainability to solve climate change problems. Ahmed strives daily to contribute positively in the abatement of pollution in the modern world, and to live a good legacy that would change the course of humanity. At Hamad Bin Khalida Univeristy, Ahmed works on energy storage (flow battery) to encourage investment in renewable energy.

Abdallah Dindi

Abdallah is currently developing a new Chemical Process which will utilize Carbon dioxide, a harmful greenhouse gas, for the production of chemicals like Baking Soda. He has also worked at the Research Department of PZ Cussons Nigeria where he contributed to development of a new line of skin lotion. His core competencies are in Product Development, Modeling and Optimization of Chemical processes, and Environmental Risk Assessment. Abdallah holds an MSc. in Chemical Engineering from Masdar Institute of Sci. and Tech. Abu Dhabi.

Tolutola Oyetunde

Tolutola has an expertise in process modeling, design and optimization, environmental biotechnology and bioelectrochemical systems. He is currently working on modeling microbial electrochemical technologies for wastewater treatment and energy recovery. He has experience in engineering project management as a project engineer with FrieslandCampina(2010-2012). Tolutola holds an MSc. in Chemical Engineering from Masdar Institute of Sci. and Tech. Abu Dhabi.

Adetunji Alabi

Adetunji is currently enrolled in Masdar Institute of Science and Technology with a PhD. degree in Chemical Engineering in view. He believes in the wise application of knowledge for positive impact to humanity. His background in Chemical Engineering has endowed him with the skills to tackle problems head-on and see them to a realistic and sound solution. Adetunji°«s passion for conscious progression is demonstrated by his active participation in numerous sustainable energy & environment activities such as the installation of sustainable energy solutions that resulted in CO2 annual reductions of 49 tons.

Ahmed Yusuf

Ahmed is a PhD student in Interdisciplinary Engineering at Masdar Institute of science and technology, who strongly believe in the application of principle of sustainability to solve climate change problems. He is currently working on Hydrogen production from H2O and H2S splitting using photo-catalyst.