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Matteo Chiesa (Technical Advisor)

Dr. Chiesa is an Associate Professor and part of the faculty of the Materials Science Department at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. He has an extensive industrial experience in the development of solar power plants. Since joining Masdar, his research has focused on both fundamental aspects of energy transfer and the application of nanotechnology towards the development of novel power generation devices and/or systems based on renewable energy sources. Dr. Chiesa was previously a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA .

Matteo Chiesa
Nicolas Garcia Mayor

Nicolás García Mayor (Designer)

Nicolás is the founder of AR Studio and the chairman of the Department of Young Entrepreneurs of the Industrial Union of Bahía Blanca-- a supportive space for young entrepreneurs in the region . He's a trained Industrial Engineer who, over his 14 years of practice, has designed and developed over 200 products --architectural structures and consumer products-- to aid humanity. One of such product is the Cmax Emergency Shelter System which provides immediate housing assistance for people who are rendered homeless by natural disasters and wars. Nicolas has received accolades from the UN and the Vatican for this invention. He has also been recognized by JCI (Junior Chamber International, with The Outstanding Young Persons Award and; the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, with the Young Persons of Argentina Award.